Hand Bidet Toilet Sprayer – Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading bidet toilet spray supplier to homes & businesses across Ireland – here are some of the common questions we get asked.


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Other bidet sprayers require you to turn off the water supply to them after each use to prevent damage and flooding. Is it true for this one?
Not required, but is recommended out of caution. You are able to turn off the main valves when not in use.
If I install this in a rental apartment, will I be able to remove it later so my landlord doesn't notice (toilet functions without sprayer as before)?
Yes you can….. it won’t damage any mechanical structure of your toilet or pipes if you install properly.
Is this hose very flexible ?
Yes it is it’s as flexible
What’s the t valve size?
The fitting size is ½ inch, which is a standard size for the toilet related fittings.
Can the water pressure be controlled?
Yes, you can use the control on the water diverter and the handle on the hose allows you to control it also.
Can I purchase just the sprayer to have a spare for the future?
Yes ….you are able to purchase to sprayer only if/when required
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